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Mothers Day Gifts and Goodies

updated on 21/02/2013

Mothers Day is just around the corner!!
The I Promise You Personalised Poster is a sweet tribute to the child’s mother and a great inspiration for how they can make the day special for mum. We also have the Personalised Everything Poster, which is a fitting tribute to the woman who does everything for her kids, great for teenagers or older children to give (perhaps with a hand from dad!).
Thorntons are always a great choice on Mum’s day, so how about the Thorntons Continental Heart Shaped Chocolate Box, filled with their best possible treats, and perhaps a matching Personalised Slate Heart to go with it!
If ever there was a day that was more dedicated to tea I’ve not found it yet. The one day of the year when mum should never have to make herself a cuppa, so why not celebrate with proper afternoon tea, scones and all! This gorgeous Regency 3 Tier Cake Stand is perfect for the job, so why not team it with the Cream Cake Wash Setand chocolate towel slice!
Add some Tea Cupcakes and you have the perfect afternoon tea, served in the First Class Mum Mug of course!
For the mum who never gets a break we also have the perfect treats to unwind, so pack the Gelicity Bath Spa Gift Set, the Lavender Eye Mask, and another of our loveliest Thorntons Tasting Collection boxes, because they always go down well!

I Promise You Personalised Poster: I Promise You Personalised Poster
Personalised Everything Poster: Personalised Everything Poster
Thorntons Continental Heart Shaped Chocolate Box: Thorntons Continental Heart Shaped Chocolate Box
Personalised Slate Heart - Small: Personalised Slate Heart - Small
Regency 3 Tier Cake Stand: Regency 3 Tier Cake Stand
Cream Cake Wash Set: Cream Cake Wash Set
Chocolate Cake Towel Flannel: Chocolate Cake Towel Flannel
Tea Cupcakes Set: Tea Cupcakes Set
Tea Cupcakes Set: First Class Mum Mug
Gelicity Bath Spa Gift Set: Gelicity Bath Spa Gift Set
Lavender Eye Mask: Lavender Eye Mask
Thorntons Continental Chocolatiers Tasting Collection: Thorntons Tasting Collection

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